How to create Top Floating navigation bar,Menu bar in Thesis theme

Our site Mytechshout is made as a Blogging Technology Blog.Right now you

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Add Author Box below post in Thesis WordPress Theme

Adding an author box is very helpful in providing information about the

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How to add Page Navigation to WordPress and Thesis Theme-WP PageNavi Plugin

We have been working on thesis customization continuously and we are posting

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Add featured content slider to WordPress and thesis theme-Smooth slider plugin review

Smooth  slider Plugin for wordpress is used to add a featured content slider

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Add Header widget for banner ads (widgetized banner header) for thesis theme

Creating a widget for header(Widgetized header) will be an easy way to

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Add Continue Reading button with thumbnail image in teaser box(Home page) of thesis theme

We have posted about how to add social share buttons to thesis

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