Bluehost vs Hostgator – WordPress Hosting Comparison

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We are witnessing great social media campaigns and internet based promotions for various firms all over the world. This forced people to add more value to their websites and they have turned to blogging to keep their customers in touch. WordPress proved to be the best blogging platform and most of the professional users use this platform for enhancing their blogs. Thus, WordPress hosting is a popular option and we have lot of hosting services to decide from. These ranking and reviews will help you in deciding the apt WordPress hosting service for you.

Bluehost vs Hostgator – WordPress Hosting Comparison


Bluehost hosting discount

BlueHost is the best WordPress hosting service you can have for your blog. BlueHost is building a strong reputation since 1996 and is offering great service to its users. BlueHost is regarded as the experts in the hosting fields and the expertise of them could easily felt from the moment you sign up with them for any hosting plans.

Reviews about them could easily be found all over the web and all most all of them rate Bluehost as the best host for WordPress hosting. The dedicated hosts prove to work smooth with the platform, which is great compared to all other hosts in competition. Further, Bluehost offers a great customer support team and is available 24×7. Unlike all other hosts available, the customer care service will give you expert analysis and answers to all the queries.

BlueHost gives its users reliable and the best technologies for the users. More over blue host is consistently offering excellent disk space, bandwidth and low price for their vivid hosting plans. The unlimited bandwidth and disk space make blue host simply the best hosting for WordPress.


BlueHost is consistently offering great services to its users and it made them the best host for the WordPress blogs. It is never easy to stay consistent as the best in any list, but Bluehost have succeeded to maintain their top spot, which simply shouts the great reliability of the host.

The backbone behind the great reliability of the Bluehost could be attributed with the well trained professionals working day night long. Bluehost employs quad processor Opteron based servers. Importantly, Bluehost have impressive internet connectivity and it allows offering great bandwidth to its customers.  Redundant power supply is ensured with the high end UPS and diesel supplies.


Eyeing through various statistics, user feed backs, and reviews, I felt Bluehost is offering reliable and affordable service to their customers. The blogs hosted with Bluehost is very responsive and have great site speeds.  Thus, Bluehost values your money more than any other hosting providers.

Further, they are allowing lots of coupon codes for their customers. Along with the services they are offering, the company offers free domain, unlimited email accounts, a good cPanel and much more services, valuing your pay greater.


cPanel is the most commonly used control panel by most of the hosting providers. Bluehost also uses the cPanel for its control panel. cPanel as well all know is very simple to understand and use, thanks to the well designed and embedded icons in the panel.  Bluehost shows their craftsmanship in the hosting by offering silent walk and guide experience while setting up web based services.


The important aspect that made Bluehost the best wordpress host provider is the great customer service. The 24×7 customer care service guides it users effectively and reliably. The technical depth of the service executives is praiseworthy and makes the Bluehost customer care services the best customer care services among all the hosting services.

PRICE VALUE                  : 8.5/10

RELIABILITY                     : 8.5/10

PERFORMANCE              : 9.5/10

CONTROL PANEL            : 8.5/10


OVERALL                           : 90%

I use bluehost for hosting all my sites . There are many others shared hosting providers , but i liked bluehost than others due to its awesome support and performance and it’s totally worth the money spent. 

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 Hostgator hosting

Hostgator is the most commonly used hosting services since, 2002. Over the years, Hostgator evolved successfully to become one of the best services available in the market. Even many of the technical specialists rate Hostgator as the best (personally not). The rate growth of Hostgator is massive and has attracted millions of customers. Currently, Hostgator hosts more than 3,000,000 domains all over the world. Hostgator have more than 250 employs working day night to take care of the hosting services.

Technically, the innovations taking place in the field motivated Hostgator to stay up to date with all the latest requirements. Till now Hostgator have succeeded in providing the latest innovations through their web services. Hostgator provides tools like Website designer, which are so easy to use and even newbie, could easily setup their website as per their requirements in a matter of hours. Further, Hostgator received great recognition for providing greener solutions.  Hostgator being innovative is offering next generation ecological hosting to its customer. If we describe Hostgator in phrase then it is the “clean” hosting available for you.


To have a good knowledge and idea about the extent of reliability of Hostgator offering, all you need is to have an eye through the 35,000 square feet floor spaced office of the Hostgator. Equipped with great power supply, unbeatable internet connectivity Hostgator is the most reliable hosting service in the market. Further, it extends it reliability by investing on wind power energy solutions for ensuring redundant energy supply. These all boosts the reliability level of the host.


Hostgator is known for its reseller hosting, but they also give adoptable plans for shared and dedicated server hosting plans. Hostgator further offers you 45 day money back guarantee policy for its services valuing your money better.  Further the energy saving steps initiated by Hostgator will give you a great certainty to your money by protecting the environment. Still, comparing to many hosting services many would conclude that Hostgator is not offering good services for our payment for dedicated and shared hosting plans.


Hostgator employs the cPanel standard control panel. The control panel of Hostgator is the best control panel available to you and allows you to install more than 40 scripts. Reviewing the control panel of the Hostgator, it will soon make you feel that it is the best control panel you can have in this business. It gives accurate info about the bandwidth, disk space used, emails and much more. Further, the control panel gives you access to Fantastico, an auto installer for cPanel servers.


Hostgator has realized the immense important of customer care services in the acceptance of any web service and is providing 24×7 customer care service to its users.

VALUE FOR MONEY                         : 8.5/10

PERFORMANCE                                  : 9/10

RELIABILITY                                      : 8.5/10

CONTROL PANEL                               : 8/10

CUSTOMER SUPPORT                       : 8/10

OVERALL                                               : 89%

Evaluating a host service is never an easy task. Almost all the hosting services tend to offer the same services, but when it comes to the quality the well established hosts stand out as the best. If you feel any host is offering better reliability, performance, and valuing your money greater then it is the best host for you.

This listing is done with my own experience with the hosts. All of you would have a different say on this topic. Kindly drop your views on ” Bluehost Vs Hostgator ” in the comments below.

Final decision : Which hosting to choose ?

Both these hosting services are reliable . You can choose the one you like to host your blogs. Personally i would recommend to choose hostgator over bluehost in terms of performance and bluehost over hostgator while going for the best shared hosting plan that is worth your money!

Hope our Bluehost vs Hostgator WordPress Hosting Comparison  provided you the best information on which hosting to choose for your wordpress site.We will be glad to hear your comments.

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