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ActiveCampaign is one of the best email marketing services which offers unlimited emails, third-party integrations, and auto-responders. It has a Web-based platform, iPhone app, window phone app and Android app. It is developed for typical customers like Freelancers, Small Businesses, Mid-size Business, and Enterprise. It provides 24/7 supports via live chat, Online. It provides the knowledge base and Video tutorials for new customers. ActiveCampaign offers 14-day free trial pack. It is certificated by HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

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ActiveCampaign contains three key terms namely

  • Pipeline
  • Stages
  • Deals

Pipeline – It is an end to end process. The end of one pipeline may lead to the beginning of another.

Stage – It is a stage in that pipeline. each pipeline will be made up of the number of stages, which helps you to build your pipeline.

The deal – It is the actual sale trying to track the contact details.


ActiveCampaign’s plan

Activecampaign plans has been divided into two packages one for small business and another for Enterprise. Based on the contacts the price varies for both the packages.


Small Business:

This package is suitable for small business. The price starts at $ 49 per month. This package includes everything from Lite, Unlimited mail sending service, CRM Sales Automation, Contact & Lead Scoring, Custom User Permissions. It also provides Custom Domain and Custom Branding with one on one training. It supports SMS marketing with up to 25 users.


Lite package contains lots of features. It includes Send Newsletters, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, GEO Tracking. It also contains Auto Responding features. It allows 3 users and email checking and social data feature are optional. It supports Live Chat & Email.


Plus package includes  Send Newsletters, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, GEO Tracking. It includes Built-in CRM features. It allows 25 users and social data feature is optional. Email checking is 5 free pre month. It provides one-month training for each user.


Professional package includes  Send Newsletters, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, GEO Tracking. It includes Built-in CRM features. It allows 50 users and social data feature is optional. Email checking is 5 free pre month. It provides three-months training for each user.


This package is suitable for large business. The price starts at $ 149 per month. This package includes everything from small business, Unlimited mail sending service, custom mail server domain, dedicated account, in-depth onboarding service. It also provides free design services and free social data with phone support. It supports uptime SLA with unlimited users.

All plans include unlimited emails, unlike Campaign Monitor, which offers both basic plans with limited emails, and more expensive unlimited plans.

Activecampaign pricing

Activecampaign pricing divided into four categories. They are lite, plus, professional, and enterprise.

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Lite: The lite pricing plan starts at $17 /month Paid monthly. This plan includes Unlimited sending, Email Marketing, Send Newsletters, Marketing Automation. It supports through chat and email. It supports for up to 3 users.

Plus:  The plus pricing plan starts at $49 /month Paid monthly. This plan includes Unlimited sending, Contact & Lead Scoring, Custom User Permissions, SMS Marketing It supports for up to 25 users. It has one to one training function.

Professional: The professional pricing plan starts at $99 /month Paid monthly. This plan includes Unlimited sending and Site Messaging. It supports for up to 50 users.

Enterprise: The Enterprise pricing plan starts at $149 /month Paid monthly. This plan includes It supports for unlimited users. This includes Free Social Data, Uptime SLA. It supports Phone and lives chat.

Active Campaign’s Features

Email marketing

Active Campaign’s email marketing applications include drag-and-drop email design, lead capture forms, social integration and tracking, lead segmentation, website tracking and email campaign reporting. ActiveCampaign integrates with the third-party CRM solutions, so it offers its own sales force automation (SFA) features. The sales force automation includes contact management, drag-and-drop deal tracking, pipeline management, and lead scoring.

It allows gathering all of your contacts into a single platform. It will show all the contact details and view a full history of a contact on the single screen. It supports Data-driven segmentation use this segments to explore contacts, send targeted campaigns, and affect automation. we can add the subscription form to our website it will allow your visitors to receive your campaigns. we can also add Extensive contact data to fetch a contact’s age, gender, location, interests, social profiles, and more.

It offers free customer service that includes live chat and phone support, a self-help knowledge base and complementary data migration from other programs. It also offers one-on-one consulting, expedited support and free custom design services for enterprise customers.

Marketing Automation

Active Campaign provides a powerful automation suite. This contains several steps. It will purchase your contacts or collects all your contact. Automatically send a mail to all the contacts. wait for the customer feedback. A personalized send thank you with the available discounts. After that new product, emails are sent to that customer.


Active Campaign has three different automated series which helps to send the appropriate marketing materials to the selected groups at the suitable time. In this automated series, there is no need to manually move /remove contacts from the various stages as your contacts.ActiveCampaign will do this automatically upon updating a Status Label within OnePageCRM.

They can also automatically fetch and add new contacts from your favorite CRMs, eCommerce platforms, customer service solutions, and more.It supports social analysis, it allows to view all social reactions to your campaigns in real time. we can easily create segments of your contacts using basic or advanced logic. we can also check all your contacts’ data behaviors, interactions, location, history, and much more. We can also track page visits and custom events so that we can easily create segments.

CRM & Sales

Manual actions are assisted via automation features to ensure you can do more with your time. This provides the perfect blend of automation & personalized human touch to your deals. contacts are easily managed and it contains more powerful searching and filtering options so we can easily find the old contacts and manage the future contacts. It also very helpful to view the history of specific contact.

Each contacts having different sales opportunity. You can add rules and adjust the point distribution.Adjust their scores as they interact with your marketing.We show their interests, social profiles, interactions with marketing campaigns, behavioral actions on your website, and the likelihood of closing a deal.

ActiveCampaign offers a lot of features for a low price.It allows you to track their contacts and ActiveCampaign supports multi-user editing, which works similarly to Microsoft Word’s track changes feature.

Active Campaign’s Pros and Cons

ActiveCampaign is a very good email marketing services but it contains small flaws. It is very easy and enjoyable to use.


Great user interface –  ActiveCampaign is well designed the user interface. It is one of the good marketing automation tools and it doesn’t need the training to use and it is easy to understand.

Zapier Integration – ActiveCampaign integrates with over 150 different tools via their Zapier integration. It enables you to connect the huge variety of tools.

Un-intimidating pricing – For small business  ActiveCampaign is a great option. Their price is very suitable for new customer and price starts at $9/month.

Helpful pointers –  ActiveCampaign show notifications about the workflows. If any problem arises it will notify you and make the workflows to run smoothly.


CRM & email builder design –  Even though Active Campaign’s automation are sequences beautifully with their CRM there is a lot of email builder is lacking.

No native integrations – Active Campaign doesn’t have any integrations with third-party tools because many of these require an additional ongoing cost.

Hope you liked our Active Campaign review. Also read our reviews about infusionsoft, ontraport , salesforce.

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