Image Mismatch Penalty for Watermark Protection on Google Images

Gowtham V
1 Min Read

Google has been hot linking images from our sites directly .This results in drop in visitors to our website from google search and a waste of our bandwidth as the images are stored directly from google by the users and only a few visit our site.

Google has also been placing Image Mismatch Manual Penalty for watermark protection images. Read about this Image Mismatch Manual Penalty here

There are many hot protection plugin out there that can protect your images from hotlinking on google by displaying a transparent watermark saying the user to click on the image to view full resolution. This can lead to more visitors from google images.

Here are a few most used hotlink protection plugins

1. ByREV WP-PICShield

2. Hotlink Protection

3. Hotlink2Watermark

I can see that still for a few sites that are using these plugins for watermarked images ( watermarked only when images are being hot linked ) are ranking on first page.

If google starts again to do an Image Mismatch Manual penalty to those watermarked images .This can be really bad for wallpaper and sites that depend on traffic from google images.

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