Don’t promote or buy Hostgator Hosting ! SCAM CAUTION

Gowtham V
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This post also tell’s my experience with Hostgator and their affiliate program and also why should not buy hostgator and why you should be careful promoting hostgator by any means.

UPDATE : They just marked all of my earning as paid and never paid me a total of 1300$ and closed my affiliate account !! Their affiliate manager is the worst ever i think he is eating all this money which is marked as paid and never been paid to affilaites ! Why did they mark all my earnings as PAID and never paid me !

Hostgator Scam Affiliates 2014


Hostgator is facing a lot of downtimes recently. If you looking for a hosting service then this is not the right time to choose hostgator.

Go with any other hosting service with good reputation.

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Hostgator affiliates have faced many problems when its comes to payouts.

They give their higher promoting affiliates a 35% discount coupon and they will only give you 25% coupon so if you write a post promoting hostgator with a 25% coupon. Your visitors if he search for hostgator coupon he will get the another affiliate’s 35% off coupon and if he uses it and you won’t be paid for your lead. !

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There is no live support for affiliates and if you create a ticket they will take weeks to reply.

And they send important mails which go to your SPAM box and they ban affiliates without any proper reason.

I have promoted hostgator on my blog and directly to my clients and with PPC traffic for a few months and after they get more than 20 leads now they are saying i won’t be getting paid as i used a simple 50% off on the ad title. Even though i mentioned it was for VPS server .

Also the mail that they sent regarding the voilation of the ad using a 50% off title went into my SPAM box and i found it in the spam folder after they emailed me again about it and they won’t pay me for all those leads and also the old ones. And when i asked support they reply after a few weeks telling that i won’t be paid for all my leads.



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