Aweber vs MailChimp vs iContact vs Constant Contact

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Ever heard about mailing list? Of course you would have. But to those who just looked at this term and do not know what it is let’s talk about it in the lay man’s language. Have you ever experienced getting regular newsletter from sites that you have subscribed to? Sure you must be having your email inbox loaded with them. How exactly does this happen? These mailing services are widely used for Internet marketing.In this post i have mentioned and compared the features and pricing of the Best Email marketing services in the internet.

Aweber vs MailChimp vs iContact vs Constant Contact : 

Aweber :

Aweber Email Marketing

One of the leading email marketing services is being provided by Aweber. A fantastic interface with all the requirements, that are needed by you like scheduling, creating and launching of campaign and much more, all comprise of this service.Along with all this come great paying options like PayPal, e-junkie, 1ShoppingCart, and Google Checkout which might have brought up the twinkle in your eye.

Talking of the advantages, they say every advantage has some disadvantages too. And so does Aweber. These include, not having a step by step installation which apparently gets certain non techies all confused. Also, one of the major drawbacks is that you cannot upload and embed files or photos and these need to be hosted someplace else.

Aweber Pricing Plans

They also offer a 1$ trial option for the first month.Sign Up For Just $1


MailChimp :

MailChimp Email marketing software

One of those services that attract you towards itself include services like MailChimp. The main reason behind it being that it is simply fun to use both interface wise and user friendly too. The best feature of MailChimp apart from the free template is that you can integrate it with other services like Facebook, Twitter, ZenDesk etc.

Though the services has been designed easy enough for newbies to use ,there are certain drawbacks like the amount of time taken to load due to all the graphics is much more in comparison to others and also every time you mail the logo of MailChimp is there at the end which leaves an impression not so good at times of professional.

Here is a snapshot of the reporting feature of mailchimp

 MailChimp Email marketing report

Here are the general pricing options provided by Mailchimp

MailChimp Free Plan Features
Free plan

 Join Mailchimp free with this link and Get 30$ to your mailchimp account

MailChimp Pricing and plans
Mailchimp Monthly Pricing


View more Mailchimp pricing options

ConstantContact :

 Constant Contact

A Constant Contact is a combination of the two services mentioned above that is Aweber and MailChimp. Just like MailChimp you get a colourful and flashy interface whereas just like Aweber you get much of a better business based focused features. With an auto responder and a feature of subscriber’s signup date, Constant Contact has the same price as of Aweber.

Coming to the Cons of this service there is no integration what so ever with any service and the user interface on being clubbed with so many features can be quite hectic and over troubling. Contant contact is providing  a free trial account for 60 Days.

Constantcontact Pricing options

Try it out for free for 60 days with this link

iContact :

This service is almost out with the features similar to constant contact and the pricing too is almost the same. Though being big, yet not successful because the interface that it provides is very hectic and clumsy to use.

Icontact is similar to Constant contact in its features.Pricing is normal when compared to Aweber.

Icontact Pricing plans

The trial version of iContact offers only 10 Subscriber Count and works only for a month.So its doesn’t even come close to the 2000 Subscriber option provided in the Free Mailchimp Account.

Pricing Compared :

As mailchimp offers upto 2000 subscribers in the free plan ,its the best for beginners.You have to pay only if you have more than 500+ subscribers.Mailchimp is a best option to start if you don’t want to invest any money in email marketing campaigns.

Aweber is the highest priced among them.But considering its features, its worth the money you spend.ConstantContact pricing is high compared to mailchimp.

iContact pricing for 500+ subscribers is 14$ and constantcontact charges 10Euro for the same where as mailchimp offers it for free.

As a result you now must have made up your mind so as to select which service of email marketing is best for you. After knowing the pros and cons of each and their comparison, it must be simple enough to choose the best one.

Let me know which email marketing service you are going to use ..?  Which service offers the best features for your email marketing campaign..?

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