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Facebook is a well known social networking site which ranks second according to the Alexa traffic rank.Having more facebook likes for  your fanpage can drive  a lot of traffic into your blog everyday.So its vital to have a Facebook Fanpage Promotion in your blog either in your sidebar or through a popup notification.Would you love to have your fb likes increased? Then Facebook Fanpage Promoter popup plugins are a must.In this post we will cover the best Facebook popup plugins for WordPress which can be used to increase your facebook likes to a great extent.!

Facebook like popup screen

1. Facebook Fanpage Promoter Plugin :

Its a free wordpress plugin which can be used to display a lighbox popup of your facebook fanpage with the users .This will help to get more likes for your Facebook fanpage of your blog.

Here are its features ?

  1. Its a free Facebook Popup plugin :-)
  2. Provides options to control on what pages to show the popup such as the Homepage,Archives,Post,Pages.
  3. Delay time for the popup to appear after the loading of the page can be varied.
  4. Options to Show the popup every x days

Premium Facebook Fanpage Promoter features :

The premium version of this free Facebook Fanpage Popup Promoter Plugin comes up with advanced settings and features.
It provides Style option and Advanced options with which you can adjust the width and height of the lightbox popup .You can also choose the color of the pop and customize its css settings as you like.It also allowstracking of facebook likes using Google Analytics.The premium version uses xfbml instead of iframe and it also requires an API key to connect with your Facebook page.If you don’t know how to get API key ,Read our post

Arevico Premium Facebook Fanpage Promoter

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2.WordPress Pop Up Pro Plugin : LIVE DEMO 

This Facebook popup plugin does not have a free version like the previous one.This plugin can be helpful if you also want to display other popups than facebook promotion like twitter, Email subscription form etc..This Premium plugin comes with all possible popup options you can use for your promotion.

It provides features such as

  1. Email Subscription Popup -Displays a Email form for promoting offers and for increasing your email subscribers
  2. Twitter Widget popup – To Increase twitter followers
  3. Facebook FanPage Promoter – Increase your Facebook Fan page likes
  4. Streams your video from YouTube or Vimeo on a popup screen- Promote a Product
  5. Enter or Exit Pop-up Questionnaire – Asks a set of questions or to the visitors in a popup box when they leave or enter your site.



These two Facebook popup plugin are the best and widely used for facebook fanpage promotion.If you are into internet marketing , i suggest to go with WordPress Pop Up Pro Plugin which can also be used for promoting your products via popup video and for building your mailing list.

Download Now : WordPress Pop Up Pro Plugin 

Hope you liked our post.What plugin are you using to promote your Facebook fanpage ?.Are you using a Premium Popup Wp plugin or a free WordPress plugin ? Don’t forget to comment. :-)

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