Do you have a High PR or High Alexa rank Site – Be Cautious!

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If you are reading this on choice, then i would assume that you are a popular blogger or have a high PR and High Alexa ranked blog.You might be getting bunch of large views or large amount of feedbacks in the form of comments.and  undoubtedly you would be enjoying the show,but WAIT ! there are dangers now also lurking around you and your blog!
Do you have a High PR or High Alexa rank Site - Be Cautious! 1

In this post we would have a glance on some dangers that face a High PR or high alexa ranking blog or website

Spam Comments

As i have been using wordpress blog for a long time,and the most difficult situation i have faced is combating spam comments!Yes this is true! people just dont read your stuff and they just go to comment area,paste their standard text and thats all!  sometimes there are bunch of links too! (which i really hate! ).So if you are owing a famous blog then do moderate your comments carefully,even if its caught in spam there are huge amount of comments that pass through the spam plugins and if you just accept them,then it would decrease reputation of your site in Readers and Google’s Mind as well!

Don’t Be a Good Donor !

This is a habit which develops in some of the cases.when you are having a famous blog then people come asking you for giving backlinks of their sites.They may be starters too! and you on the other side are enjoying your popularity and give them a backlink from your site! Dont DO it! .If you give backlink to loq quality sites then google might penalize you because in sense of Google you are giving a backlink for benefit of the admin of other blog and not benefiting your content of the post or readers.So what i want to tell is that if you want to give backlinks do give to good quality content sites or site having higher rank then yours! then it would benefit both of the bloggers 😀

Don’t Boast Around !

This isn’t a common trait of bloggers but i have seen small cases of this too! some people who own a big blog boast around and dont motivate the fellow young bloggers.This is sad! If you are a good blogger then you should not be telling this to others,if you are really something then people will know you from your works on blog and from your good relationships with other blogger fellow mates.Also if you boast around,bloggers might be not liking to redirect their readers from their blogs to yours just because of your this aweful attitude.

Already King? No!

Some bloggers think that if you have a quality blog then putting copied posts or giving low quality articles or posts would not harm them .But this is incorrect! If you think now also then you are not up to date with the Google updates.Even if your blog is now famous then also you have to provide quality content for your readers rather then for search engines! So never think or try to Fool Google! because you know that Google is the major cause of traffic of your blog.

Always Be Loyal

If you are having a nice blog with good amount of traffic ,you would think that as now my blog is famous,i can shape readers mind myself! Now here you are Doomed! dont ever think that if you are famous then readers will register here and there for your benefits not giving any to them! If you are making readers do anything just keep in mind that along with your benefit,it benefits your reader too!

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On the End Side

In the end i would like to say that even though you are a blogger at this moment,you will never know when you do mistake and you are doomed, as thousands of blogs are now coming up on internet and day by day competition to be the best is getting tougher !

Be cautious and avoid these mistakes that most bloggers do when their blog gets a high rank.. Hope you will be benefiting from this information.Let us know you opinion in the comment section below.


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