How to Build Relationships with bloggers the best way

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We already know that Human beings are Social animals and this too apply on Bloggers too! (Aren’t we human? 😛 ).If you are a lone person then you would not enjoy the true colours of your life.Likewise if you do not befriend bloggers you would not enjoy blogging to the full extent.Build Relationships blogger

Why to Befriend Bloggers?

There are many reasons for that some of them i have mentioned below 😀

  • Obviously to Know new bloggers around your area and Niche.
  • To get ideas for your next post on your blog. 😀 (yeah sometimes i do this only )
  • to Decrease Alexa Rank.
  • To have some handful of friends when you need help in your blogging lief 🙂

And now Coming to the main topic of this Post…. How to Befriend these Bloggers?

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(But i recommend you to use affiliates products so as it will establish a good relationship with other bloggers)

How to Build Relationships with other bloggers :

1. Join Various Groups on Facebook :

Social networking sites are the best way to start this thing from.Join the groups of Bloggers or the groups of your niche! You say or not but i have felt the benefit of it.If you have joined groups make sure that more then 90% of the groups are of Blogging Niche.If you part take in discussions there in the Group

People would know you!

And through these groups you would know other blogs which are of same niche that of your blog’s.

2. Comment on other Blogs :

Yes This is True! Always comment on other people’s blog so that they can know your name as well as your blog!Seriously it has worked for me,before i used to get very few views,i was sad so one day i just waddle around other blogs and commented.Next day i say dozen of comments as well as pageviews! i was astonished!Make it a regular Habit to comment on other blogs of your same niche.I would recommend 40-50 comments per week for effective amount of pageviews and for building relationships .I would prefer you should comment on Commentluv enabled Blogs as you would gain backlinks also from commenting .

3. Indulge In Guest Blogging :

How it is possible to make friends when you do not get out of your room? Yup Correct! For building quality relationships you should do Guest posting.In doing so you  gain backlinks as well as a admin’s trust! I have made many relationships doing so and i amvery happy to know such pro bloggers.When You Do guest posting for one Blogger,Other blogger too notices your post and gets to know you and may even ask you for writing a guest post for him too! Its like

Creating Chains of Relationship

I think the best way to build is this method only as by a single throw you get to make as much as relationships with other bloggers.

4.Google+ Buddies are There !

A few days back i joined Google+,and i was amazed that there were so many communities of blogging ,i joined many of them and i met more then 100 bloggers just in 2 days! Its not like that just seeing their profile,i talked to them and slowly slowly we became good blogger friends!If you have not joined Google+ till now Join it and also enable “google + comments”  in your blog.

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5. Reply To Your Post Comments

Well the hard work starts from the home only 😉 Try to comment on all the replies you got on your blog,During this you build trust and a good image in front of the person that commented on your blog! If you dont believe,i check comments section more then 10 times a day! Unbelievable RIGHT? Thats why

Always try to help out on by comenting and also letting them to see other posts by linking your other related posts in the comments!

Over To You My Blogger Mate!

Which methods you use to meet other bloggers? There are many of the methods and if i start listing them out it would take me days to finish this post! 😛 I think one other method of meeting bloggers could be by going to various Blogger meets :D. What do you say to this?

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    Well building relationships with bloggers is necessary to improve our skills. It can be done by several easy ideas like meeting at bloggers meet or camps like you mentioned contributing on their blogs (guest posting) and etc

    thanks for the share.

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