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It is not so surprising to witness that most of the professional writers today have started earning byworking from homes by selling their Contents and royalty — Digging and diving deep into the Creative writing online aspects has become the call for the day.

Below i have just made a mark on the best probable websites that are good in this business, enablingProfessional writer to earn happy-money.


Hubpages over the years has been marked as a great place to earn for the Professional writers, People who crave on Creative writing online can see a good stature here — On Hubpages people are provided with their own sub-domains where they can post their contents on any niche-subjects or areas and make handsome money.

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Squidoo is a free-platform for creative writing online which earns Good-royalty for the professional writers when their articles gain readers fame — Here you can create any content on any niche areas and manage them by creating separate portfolio for each area(divisions).

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Zujava is another newbie into this Creative writing online niche, here all the professional writer can tip contents on any trends based on their interests and targeted audiences and make pretty-dollars — Since it is new you can cite this website as a place for new writing-ventures.

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Bukisa is an user generated website(UGC), which provides scholastic-informations for the readers through articles, and the Professional writers who provide such informations will be rewarded money accordingly for their Creative writing online skills.

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Helium is one of the best websites for the professional writers to make passive/part time incomes, website pays its writers whenever they contribute contents(that is articles, blogs) with new ideas to the website. And what happens here is that these contents will get rated by the other peer-writers VIA Peer review systems, and subsequently the Content gets rated high or low, and the high rated articles will see more page views and obviously will earn more money.

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Here the Professional writers can create an account with and then start building useful contents, after which you can enter into an Affiliate program with Ad-revenue sharing websites(likeGoogle AdSense or other similar sites) and start earning money.

creative writing online can also earn you the money from Affiliate programs.

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Demandstudios is another good place for the professional writers who earn by driving on their Creative writing online skills, Since Demandstudio sees through numerous websites the market for your contents here is just immense!!

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ConstantContent is one of the best places for the professional writers, here professional writers can make money through with their creative writing online skills invariably – Professional writers can find a huge market for their niche contents here — Here your contents will be purchased by the seeking website owners after the article gets reviewed and accepted. It is a place where you can have your entire work-bag tagged to your profile.

Join ConstantContent also provides a good online-platform for the professional writers to earn good income, Creative writing online can also be explored under the Self-publishing platforms like Here you publish your niche-contents on the website for selling, and earn money with every sale.


Freelancing websites

The Hirers/Project-owners/Employers on the Freelancing websites will always have an offer for theProfessional writers in various content divisions. So you can log in to these websites and participate in an unique budding process for getting selected and then go ahead writing the articles/blogs for making money — Maintaining a Good portfolio of your work and Profiles on these websites can attract other employers and multiply your earnings.

Top Freelancing websites as of today are;

  • Elance
  • oDesk
  • Freelancer
  • Guru

Besides these websites professional writers can also churn out their Creative writing online skills on various Writing contests websites, here you can join these websites for free(sometimes with a minimal fee) and participate in the competitions and get rewarded at the same time gain a lot of exposure too.

Developing and increasing your writing potentials day on day will make you see more and more clients and therefore more earnings, so as a professional writer you have to keep learning while you are earning!!

Creative writing online is one the best way to earn both Full-time and part-time incomes for anyProfessional writer, besides writing good, Niche and informative contents it is really important to concentrate on the Audience(readers) whom you are going to target and build the contents relatively. Writing simple contents that very easy to understand and also keeping an eye on the SEO aspects and keywords can take your professional writing potentials sky-high.

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