How to Update Yosemite GM 3 or Public Beta 6 to Final

Gowtham V
1 Min Read

As i am using yosemite GM , i got a question how should i go about the upgrade if i am using Yosemite GM 3 or Public Beta 6 or should i not upgrade as most its almost the same OS X with some minor fixes on the final release.

update yosemite finalFor Mac :

As apple is not offering any software update for both public beta and GM version to get to the final version , if you want to update to final version you can download the final version here and install it using the installer on your Mac.

For Hackintosh :

How to upgrade hackintosh to final yosemite ? Should you ? If so how to do it ?

If you are using an Hackintosh you should download and install it using a bootable device which can be quite hard for some as it takes a lot of time. So hackintosh users might as well wait for an update OS X 10.10.x which will update all the users who are using public beta 6 and GM to the final version.


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