Blogger or WordPress or Self Hosted WordPress. Which One ?

Gowtham V
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Often The New Bloggers are confused on what to choose between these two platforms WordPress and Blogger .There are other services  like Joomla and Webs but WordPress and blogger are the most trusted and widely used in the internet.Well considering the WordPress platform ,we can either go with a free WordPress blog at or go with a Self Hosted WordPress blog for more features and customizations. I was also confused when i was going to start up my technology blog.Then i did an intense research and figured out the features and limitations of every platform and went for the best one to suit my need that was wordpress.

So today i would be highlighting some Key Points which might help you in choosing Blogger or WordPress

Blogger or WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress


If you don’t have money to invest: Are you new to blogger world? and don’t want to invest money other than the domain name and other features? Blogger is then the right option for you. Its a free platform where you can build limitless beautiful blogs within seconds! Previously i was running my own blog on blogger and i was satisfied too as i invested NIL. 

Just Blogging for Sake? You don’t want to indulge in extensive blogging? and doing just for time pass and relaxation? Again Blogger is right choice for you! As its free to use and no programming language is required to operate blogger its the best platform for layman use.There are many bloggers who just do blogging for sake of themselves.Some maintain dairies too on their blog! haven’t visited one? Just Google It  😀

You are just an info provider ? let me Guess… You want to do blogging because you just want to make your knowledge spread and dont want to spend much of your time doing blogging.Then Blogger is write for you,with simple tools given to its users,you can provide info in different forms within just clicks.

No aim for making money with your blog. Are you the one like Steve Jobs ? Who just wanted to give something to humanity? Well blogger is free so you can rely on Blogger because it is reliable as it is run by Google itself and also that Blogger App is now available to now every Mobile Platform such as Android and Apple, you can transmit your knowledge while travelling also (Blogger App is much cooler than WP, in my regards )

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Can invest money : Are you high on money? then WordPress is right choice for you because when you choose WordPress, you are purchasing a domain,a hosting server and as you might be a power user you would also be purchasing many plugins.So Go for WordPress Your money Spent will not go for a waste ! So WordPress is the powerful platform when you go for paid blogging service.

Want Blogging as a career ?  If you are thinking that with your upcoming blog you can make a blogging career then go for WordPress only.As WordPress provides with the world’s best blogging features which will help you in the rough blogging era !

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Guest Posting: Are you opening a blog in which other people can also post their creativity? ie..i mean here as Guest posting.In Blogger there is disadvantage that author can directly post to the blog without your review.But in WordPress its not like that.There’s a complete Good user management system provided by WordPress plugins.Even you can allow revenue sharing options for guest author to encourage guest posting in your blog by using self hosted WordPress .

I would like to ask you Why you choose Blogger or WordPress ? As if you would be commenting here telling your views,the newbie bloggers who are reading this post will find additional help from the comments of pro-blogger mates 🙂

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  • Good overview! I use self-hosted WordPress personally as it is very flexible and allows me to do whatever I want. Basically I Have full control and ownership unlike the hosted platforms.

  • Awesome article Dude. Actually the Free Blogger platform is not a match to the self hosted wordpress blogging platform.

    But for newbies, it is highly recommended for them to go for the free Blogger platform, as it is easy to adapt to.

    Thanks for the article.

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