5 Image based similarity search engines like google images

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Google search by images has made a vast improvement over time and added many new features.You can do a reverse image search using these search engines to find copyrighted images from your blog.

You can learn more about it here


Here is an official video


You can also take a look at our previous post on how to search for similar images easily with chrome and firefox

There are many other search engines which can find similar images like google images

Here is a list of image based search engine websites that you can use to find similar images on the web.


TinEye Reverse Image Search

Tineye is a reverse image search developed by  Idée,now in BETA stage.

This site also offers a tineye chrome extension and plugins which can be used to search for similar images easily.



image similarity search engine like google

Tiltomo is a content based Visual Image Search. It displays relevant images based on two patterns

1. Theme : Analysis of (Subject / Color / Texture)

2.Color / Texture : Analysis of (100% Color / Texture)

You can also use a flickr image to start a search


Incogna Image Search,similarity search

This site delivers accurate image results than others,but lacks some features of google images

4.Byo image search Lab 

BYO Image Search Lab,image similarity search

By using this site,you can search for similar images either by uploading or by entering the URL of the image.


This site only displays relevant images based on the colour patterns.

These are the best 5 image based search engines like google search by images.

Hope you have enjoyed this post .

Which one delivers the best image similarity based search results?

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