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Gowtham V
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Still haven’t tried google plus don’t worry a bit ,as we are giving away google + (plus) invitations.

Google plus is a part of the google+ project.

Google plus,Google + logo


I am sure that google plus will become the biggest  social networking site domenating the most dominant facebook.com.Google plus is a combination of facebook and orkut.

The main features of google plus are

#Circles-easily add users to your circles like friends,Family,Following and you can also create you own circles.



Google plus  pages may rank very well in search engines also.

How to get Google+ invitation:

Here are the few steps to complete inorder to recieve a google plus invitation through us

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This is the first give away at mytechshout.com 🙂

Did you get your invitation? whats your opinion about google plus?Do share with us 🙂

Note:Google plus is now open for all.. Sign in to Google plus Now

If you have any question feel free to ask at the comment section below

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