How to Unlock 3G Data Card -Huawei E173 (Airtel,Idea,Reliance)

Gowtham V
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Have you bought a new Airtel Huawei data card ,take a look at the Speed test and the Airtel data plans in MTS review of Airtel 3G Data Card .In this post we will show, how to unlock a 3G Data Card (USB modems) like Huawei E 173, E 1731,Huawei E1732 & E 175,Huawei E153and other models.For unlocking the E173CS-1 latest firmware read our latest post : Unlock Airtel E1731 Datacard

Why you need to unlock a 3G Data Card:

If you bought a 3G datacard from service providers like Airtel,Idea,Aircel or Reliance,the data card will work only with the service providers SIM.If you insert a different SIM you will be asked for the unlock code and your data card will be locked.

How to unlock 3G Data Card (Airtel,Idea,Reliance):

This can also to used to unlock any Data card like Idea netsetter,Aircel dongles  permanently Follow these simple 10 steps to unlock your wireless USB modem

1.Download  Universal master code generator by searching in google. Universal master code is used to calculate the unlock and Flash codes for Huawei E-173

You can also you DC unlocker software to get the unlock code for your modem

2.Now plugin your data card and run the software.Now enter the IMEI number which you can note down form your device.

Unlock Airtel datacard,Unload Huawei 3G modem

3.Click on the Calculate button.Now the Unlock code and the Flash code will be calculated.

4.Now insert a different Sim like Aircel or Idea or Airtel  (Different form the Data card provider)

Note : The latest version of airtel 3G modem software will not ask for unlock code when you insert a new sim.So download a Mobile partner software. ( Search google for ” Latest Mobile Partner software for Huawei modem” ) and install it and run it after you insert a different sim.

5.You will be asked for the unlock code,enter the unlock code to unlock 3G data card.

6.Now download and install Huawei E-173 Firmware  (Download latest by searching in Google for  Huawei E-173 Firmware ) to update your firmware

7.If the flash code or the Unlock code is asked enter the respective code previously generated.Its all done.

8.Now download the  Huawei Mobile partner Software (Download the latest version by searching Depositfile).This software is a GUI to create a new profile to connect to the internet.

9.Now create a new profile by navigating to Tools>>Options>>Profile Management

data card internet 3G software,unlock software

10.Now enter the APN and save the profile and click on the connect button.

You did it!!!.You have successfully unlocked the 3G Data Card Modem.Now you can use any SIM to connect to the internet. If you have any problem unlocking the 3 G USB modem,do let us know via comments,we will help you as soon as possible.

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Hope you were able to Unlock your 3G Data Card -Huawei E173 (Airtel,Idea,Reliance) .If you liked this post,Subscribe to receive updates via  RSS or EMAIL 

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  • sir i had download universal mastercode to get unlock code…. i followed ur instruction given in website…. but when i tried to put another sim it doesnt ask any unlock code otherwise it show a message like ” invalid sim detected, please contact coustmer care”……. sir plzz helm me how could i solve my problem my datacard is airtel 3g…huawei e 1731….

  • Hi, is this same trick can be applied on MTS MBLaze ZTE model – AC2746. Please do le me know thanks.

  • hey, i am trying to unlock my AIRTEL 3g data card. i could unlock the different network SIM but not able to install “Huawei E-173 Firmware” downloaded from the link u provided.

    can u tell me what could be the problem?

  • I have unlocked Huawei EC150. I have updated firmware also and installed new mobile partner. But mobile partner does not detect my device (it is not showing device in choose device…)

    Please help…

  • Hi Gowtham, I think first I need to enable the Sim slot of the device. EC150 is CDMA device so we can not use Airtel…

    Can you please tell me how to enable sim slot?

  • my e173u-1safaricom customized modem won’t be updated by the Huawei E-173 Firmware. if fails at the ‘downloading program part’, giving an error message—”updated failed”. any other option please?

    • The same message came for me too.Try removing the data card and then insert it and quit any programs using it and then try updating the E Firmware.Hope this helps.

  • Hi, i generate the unlock code then entered it. but it seem to be wrong code. i have only 8 attempts left. i am using E173.

  • but i didnt got how to create new profile…
    & where should i put dat unlock key…
    can anyone tell me pls….:(

  • Hi Gowtham, is this the latest dashboard for E173U-2, if not where can I find it?
    second, is this the latest firmware update for the E173U-2?

    • When asked for password try typing your unlock code generated or try to enter the pin lock code number of your sim card if it din’t work.Enter Firmware unlock code in the password field,it will be the best choice.

  • Hi Goutham,

    When I tried to do firmware update its saying the source and destination are different and asking for password..

  • my modem is heuwai airtel 3g e1731 when i installing it asks password,when i entered password it shows error message as “inserted wireless terminal is not firmware” plz tell solution.

  • hi all…

    i want to unlock my e1731 huawei airtel data card…

    am not getting satisfying comment from this post.. will this surely works?/
    if at all any prob occurs tats gonna affect my money will go waste…

    frnds say… is this really really really working?????

    • I unlocked it using this method successfully without any problems.Even if you cannot unlock it , your 3g modem will be usable. If you get any errors just try another unlocker that might work.You can unlock it easily with this tutorial , just be sure you are using the correct firmware update and code generator.

  • Hey Gowtham,
    Just like Mbugua been trying unsuccessully to unlock my huawei E173 with safaricom. It stops at the downloading firmware programs part. Tried to remove data card and re-insert it then start afresh and still nothing. Tried using the unlock code instead of the flash code and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

  • hai

    i’m using huwai e-153. i purchased one month back. can i unlock it? if yes please tell me the procedure.

  • how to use reliance 2g on reliance 3g data card. Everytime i plugin the sim, the huewi E173 data card automatically runs the 3g connection. Even after creating new profiles with rcomnet, smartnet and reliancewap alli i get is 3g connectivity. Could you suggest a solution?
    thanks in advance.

  • I got an Modem of Huawei (airtel 3g). For some reason I want to use another sim with it But its not happening. please help me out to break its code, The specification of device is given below.

    Modem : E173
    Model : Huawei E173
    IMEI : 354369042837675
    Serial NR. : 8CA4CA11A1405462
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Jun 21 2010 20:27:27
    Dashboard version : UTPS21.
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290
    Voice feature : disabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    sir i had download universal mastercode to get unlock code…. i followed ur instruction given in website, but when i tried to put another sim it doesnt ask any unlock code otherwise it show a message like ” invalid sim detected, please contact coustmer care”……. sir plzz helm me how could i solve my problem my datacard is airtel 3g…huawei e 173Bu-1

  • can i know which is the best 3g modem among huawei,micromax and zte and which can be unlocked easily from aircel.

    • I have unlocked my huawei modem easily.It will be a better option to buy a huawei 3G wireless modem separately and buy a sim you want and use it.. 🙂

  • but in india unlocked modems are available in micromax,,huawei 3g modems are always locked with a particular operator isnt it?

  • hey my reliance 3g datacard does not working.When i plug into my computer,it shows no driver found.AND also if i checked with one of my friend who is having preinstalled software of reliance antenna is not showing.

  • Sir i want to know is there any difference between the 3g dongles of differnt service providers if i insert a reliance sim in an aircel dongle is there any effect on the speed plz reply ….,..

  • Thanks dude i done it with my Zain Jordan Data card & using Airtel India 🙂 superb guys……

  • I am planning to buy a huawei data card, I wanted to know how does other sim cards work on it?
    Do I have a buy a normal 3g sim card from one of the service providers or there is some other type of sim?
    Also which plan should I get activated afterthat?

    • After Buying Huawei data card, you can use any sim card service which has a better 3G Reception in your area.I am using Airtel and Aircel SIM in my datacard.
      You can choose any plan like 1Gb or 2Gb according to your need.Contact Customer care for details.

  • sir iam instal dc-unlocker, it is found the usb modem automatically it shows ‘unlock attempts is 10, remaing attems is 0. plz help

  • hi, i first installed mobile partner for my airtel 3gdongle how to proceed now to unlock it for other sims,what is difference between mobile partner and firmware


  • Hi dude, i get unlock code…. i followed ur instruction given in website…. but when i tried to put another sim. it doesnt ask any unlock code ,otherwise it show a message like ” invalid sim detected, please contact coustmer care”……. Dude help me how could i solve my problem. my datacard is airtel 3g. huawei e1731. I dont know wat d firmware update was. Help me…

  • hello sir
    they are not asking any unlock code i have download the latest firmware mobile partner
    and updated but only my default sim is working when i am insert other sim they not ask any code please reply me fast i will waiting for the promt reply

  • I brought unlocked E560 huawei mobile wifi. It is working on all network SIM, except Idea data SiM. Please advise me.

  • hi,
    can i unlock reliance 3g data card by the above method? After unlock can i use this data card on my micromax funbook tablet?

    • If the data card is huawaii E173 series you can mostly unlock it with this method.. If its working with micromax funbook now ,it will also work after unlocking

  • my huawei e303s is unlocked and was working fine with aircel software but my mistake my aircel software is lost now and when i connected data card again i felt aircel setup will again detected but it is now havng mobile partner setup in it and when i installed mobile partner my data card is not being detected please help

    • Make sure that the huawei e303s aircel driver is installed properly.If not download the driver and install it again.
      If the problem is not solved you can download the original huawei e303s firmware and try it again.

  • Hi, I am trying to unlock my Airtel E1731 data card. It is not even prompting for any password when i try to update the firmware. Hence I am unable to unlock it. Could someone help?

  • I have a Airtel 3g data card, and i have a flash number also, then how i want to unlock my data card

  • It asked me for unlock code but after entering the unlock code it is not taking and showing as 9,8,7…. attempts remaining. Please help me with this

  • I am not able to unlock the data card as per your instructions. I have new IMEI 86 series E173bu-1 data card and giving error as “C version is different” and “update failed” and “invalid SIM”.
    kindly guide.

    • This tutorial only works with the E173bu series not the latest one’s. See the other tutorial i have mentioned for the latest firmware version E173bu-1 in this post.

  • i have huawei E173u-1
    imei : 868860002347571
    s/n : XVABYA9330704098
    but i have an error failed to write nck code with huawei modem unlock v5.8.1
    plz help me

  • Kindly note that this tutorial is a basic tutorial and can be used to unlock any airtel 3G modem provided you searched and found the latest unlocking software or tool for it.
    Hope it will be helpful. Thanks.

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