The Most Essential APIs All Developers Must Know About

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One of the important thing as a developer is to know which are the most useful APIs regardless of what type of development you specialize in. It goes without saying that there are some APIs that are all round good to know mainly because they have the ability to speed up development. Some APIs even if you’re using a schema designer can be useful for development applications that rely on extensive mathematical brilliance. While there are over 14000 public APIs by dozens of businesses like big name such as IBM, there is often a learning curve associated with them. So, you surely don’t want to try and learn all of them. That said the essential list below are some of the most important and worth mastering.

Implementing the MailChimp API
Sending multiple emails can be a challenge for a business that does not have a dedicated communication department. That means marketing the application or a product can be challenging. However, with integration of MailChimp features using their public API any software product can have all the required nifty features built in. The API is comparatively easy to use and a must master one too.
The Best AI API by IBM
Also known as the Watson API, it is one of the leading, and state of the art APIs when it comes to machine learning. It is so good that it allowed a machine to beat many Jeopardy champions at the same time. It is very generous for IBM to package all that power into an open API for developers called the Natural Language Processing or NLP unit. It helps developers access various functions through RESTful calls. That functionality was recently extended after the acquisition of AlchemyAPI.
Some of notable tools which are available to developers is the AI ability to connect different data patterns and identify words within a piece of text. It can also be used for picture identification. It is a must use for any developer who wants to make their app more intelligent.
Amazon’s S3 API
Now this app is growing at a tremendous rate. However, what this API allows for is to give developers more space as their own APIs or programs start to grow. Unlike run-of-the-mill cloud storage, this is the type of space that’s easy to get and you’ll not have to spend hundreds of dollars on getting it.
The S3 allows for the smooth scaling of any type of program that require object storage and that’s what the Amazon S3 promises. Developers have access to numerous features like direct uploading storage. Plus, there are options to add version numbers and replications. So, knowing how to use the Amazon S3 API is very nifty for any developer who foresees storage issues in the future.
Send Grid API
All emails are not the same. Some are more important than others. The important emails are often classified as transactional and are different from advertising or marketing emails. Transactional emails usually have important info contained within them like password resets and usernames etc.
The SendGrid API allows you to add email capabilities to any software program. The functionality can be expanded beyond just reporting email delivery to triggering various responses. Plus, the API can be used to send account notifications for those who signup for a software.
Regardless, of if you want to perform CPU intensive tasks or communication the above mentioned APIs are a must use. That said we certainly don’t ask that you limit yourself to the above. Though even if you did there is still a lot of development power in your hands.

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