How to install wordpress in free hosting like koolserve x10 guide

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If you are Looking for a post on how to create a database for installing wordpress in free hosting providers like koolserve,x10hosting,,host1free .Here it is….Free hosting is only best for learning purposes or for a free start in blogging,if you want to earn money with your blog ,then go for a reliable host like Hostgator,Kvchosting. I have used free hosting when i started blogging,now i am using Kvchosting which is cheap and best.

Follow these simple steps to install wordpress in your free hosting providers like koolserve,x10hosting

1.Login  into your control panel (For c-panel login details,check the mail from x10hosting)

2.Download the latest wordpress 3.1.2(now 3.2.1) software here-

3.Extract file

4.After extraction carefully upload only the files not the whole wordpress directory into the public_html directory.If you want  wordpress to installed into a directory like blog you can must upload all the files into the blog directory

NOTE: Installing in blog directory will make your whole blog available

You can upload easily using a free ftp like filezilla.

Dowload link :

5.After uploading them open your blog’s url in your browser,if you have installed it in a directory open that one

6.Wordpress Insatallation will start automatically.

7.Now open MySQL Databases in your panel

free hosting wordpress install
8.Create a new database like name_wp   and and under My SQL users  add a user name like gow001_name

cPanel installation sql database


Install wordpress free hosting

9.Under Add user to Database and  assign user_name to the created database

SQL -add user to database

10.After assigning user, set the privileges of the user by clicking on the user name under Current database ,put a Check on All privileges check box

Wordpress previlages settings

11.Now when you are asked for the database and user name enter them,and click install

12.Your wordpress installation is successfully done.If you have some questions or suggestions feel free to comment.

Happy blogging with WordPress :-)Do share your opinion with us.

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      Yes,you can use a sub domain for your blog.But it is better to have a main domain for better SEO.Remember that you cannot use a sub domain in blogspot ,it is only possible with self hosted blogs:-)
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